Skincare tips and tricks: Make your own sugar, lemon and oil face scrub

This face scrub is simple, all natural, and ideal for the budget-conscious beauty enthusiast. The lemon juice is astringent and the olive oil softens your skin. The sugar then exfoliates the skin, leaving it clear and smooth. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of brown sugar 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 1 teaspoon of olive oil Directions: Pour […]

Skincare tips and tricks: Drink two litres of water each day for healthy skin

If you let your body become dehydrated your skin can dry out, leaving it less resilient to the elements and more likely to develop wrinkles. Like all of your cells, your skin cells are comprised mostly of water. By drinking more water throughout the day, you keep your skin healthy and fresh. It also allows […]

Skincare tips and tricks: Regularly clean your mobile phone screen for hygienic skin

The screen of your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. When you speak on the phone, you are putting it in direct contact with your face. In the same way that you regularly cleanse your face, you should also clean your phone screen every week or two. P.S. Or just text more […]

Cancer Council Fund Raiser Event

Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics are proud to be a part of The Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea event this year! In order to show our appreciation and support for this tremendous organisation that provides assistance for those touched by Cancer, Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics will be holding a 48 HOUR FLASHSALE and matching all donations and […]

What’s the difference between ‘At Home’ & clinical dermal rollers?

What is a Dermal roller? Dermal Rolling is known by many different names in the industry and has been called anything from Skin Needling, Dermal Needling, to even ‘Vampire Facials’ (as made famous by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian looking for ways to stop premature aging).

Is Laser Hair Removal a scam?

We often are asked this very question….Is laser hair removal a scam? Unfortunately for many, it can be! 

Damage control – how to avoid acne breakouts and keep your skin healthy this holiday season

A little too much drink, a little too much food, a lot less sleep and a lot less vegetables and soon enough your face is looking just as bad as last night’s cold pizza that’s sitting in the fridge waiting to be reheated!

Frankston clinic gets a revamp!

After nearly 3 years in our original location, Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics Frankston has moved to a much bigger, more convenient and modern location just 2 minutes down the road to 447 Nepean Highway, Frankston. There is ample parking on Wells Street and Nepean Highway, as well as council parking just metres away from the […]

Repairing summer skin damage. What to do when away on holidays?

Getting a tan is perhaps one of the more popular Australian passtimes during summer despite the fact that we are now more than ever aware of the risks and dangers associated with doing so. Not only do us Aussies love to be outdoors but we love to chase the sun when we are overseas on […]

Christmas Giveaway through Fountain Gate Escape Travel

NOTE: This competition finished on 31st December 2015, but we thank all entrants and look forward to a magical 2016 together! What follows is a description of the competition that ran through December 2015. Win return flights & 8 nights accommodation in Thailand staying at the Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa! Your wonderful holiday will […]