Cellulite Treatment FAQ

Not at all; Some people describe it as like a hot deep tissue massage. Sensitivity will vary from person to person.

On going maintenance is required, we recommend one maintenance treatment,once every 3 months combined with a healthy lifestyle once you have completed your course of treatment.

Depending on how many areas, the size, and which areas you would like treated at one session, we allow for a maximum of 20 mins per area.

Results vary with most clients seeing results after their first treatment. Typically you will notice an improvement in the skin firmness and texture within the first couple of treatments, after the 3rd treatment you should expect to see noticeable improvement to the cellulite.

Unfortunately we do not treat women who are pregnant as treatments cam affect blood flow and circulation. If you are breastfeeding however you may have treatments performed.

Yes however fake tan must be removed prior to treatment as the device will cause the fake tan to run and appear blotchy.

Treatments are preformed weekly.

6 – 10 treatments is typically recommended however this will vary case by case as everybody is different and responds to the treatment individually.

Let’s transform your skin.

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