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We’ve long been told that if we eat right and exercise, we can have the body we want. Not only is this unrealistic, it’s also infuriating. Our non-surgical, non-invasive Cool Slimming fat reduction procedure is precisely designed for people with unwanted fat that has resisted exercise and diet.

You’ve worked hard to attain the body you want, but those last kilos won’t budge. It’s time to hand the baton over to us.

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A PERMANENT Solution WITH NO Downtime

Get rid of unwanted fat during your lunch break

COOLSLIMMING™ is a non-invasive treatment that targets those last stubborn layers of fat that diet and exercise have failed to budge. This revolutionary technology is a game-changer, honing in on areas of the body notorious for clinging on to fat reserves.

The best part is most treatments only take between 45-60 minutes.


Safely targeting those stubborn areas

COOLSLIMMING™ is a unique non-surgical, non-invasive alternative to liposuction surgery. This fat reducing treatment uses cryolipolysis to selectively remove your fat cells by freezing them and using a controlled application of cooling in a temperature range from -11 to +5°C.

We can safely and effectively treat your waist, lower and upper abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, upper and lower back, bra lines and upper arms.

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We use the best to give you the best results.

COOLSLIMMING™ treatment is a non-invasive treatment for women and men that eliminates unwanted body fat. COOLSLIMMING™ at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics safely and effectively removes unwanted fat in areas like the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, muffin tops, love handles, arms and under your chin.

With no downtime required, COOLSLIMMING™ is a result driven procedure that effectively reduces your unwanted fat permanently during your lunch break.


We’re passionate about helping our clients feel comfortable in their skin

It’s our belief at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics that everyone has access to beautiful skin. Our passion is helping people transform their skin through the use of our proven dermal therapies and skincare.

We love working closely with our clients to determine their exact skincare needs and then using the latest and most effective medical devices and vast skincare knowledge to make that a reality. Our number one priority is to get you the best results possible. That’s why we work so hard to give you a truly customised experience.

We absolutely love what we do and our clients benefit from our expertise and commitment.

What to Expect from your CoolSlimming Appointment

45min treatment

12 Week Program


COOLSLIMMING™ incorporates three unique scientifically proven fat-reducing technologies

The program takes just 12 weeks with each session lasting 45 minutes and is completed in three phases. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can say goodbye to those stubborn fat deposits for good!

Phase 1: Lipolaser – this disrupts your fat cell membranes, resulting in their cell structure destabilising and emptying their contents. This prepares them for extraction during phase 2.

Phase 2: Cryolipolysis – a non-surgical, safe alternative to liposuction surgery, which targets and cools the fat cells to destroy them. Over a few weeks after your treatment, these dead fat cells are naturally metabolised and removed by your body. Your remaining cells condense during this process, resulting in an overall reduction in your layer of fat.

Phase 3: Cavitation – a deeply penetrating, powerful ultrasound that disrupts your subcutaneous fat tissues. This causes them to further breakup your treated tissue to allow increased fat-cell metabolism.

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Before & After Coolslimming

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Shilpa Johnson

“I’ve always had a positive experience at the VC Dermal clinic in Camberwell. All the staff are warm and friendly, especially Narelle who is my main therapist. I always feel a bit anxious right before my appointments or before starting any new procedures and Narelle always makes me feel at ease and supported.”

Emy SA

“Very friendly and professional team. Enjoy each moment every time I have any kind of treatment To do. Definitely recommend V clinic. Special thank to the beautiful Samantha and Jade who are so so cute and very informative. Best team and clinic ever”

Kylie Peterson

“Lyn was professional and informative and made me feel welcome, I’m real happy with my treatment plan and products. Looking forward to more amazing results!!”



ONLY $99 EXTRA PER application FOR multiple AREAS

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Frequently asked questions

Good candidates for Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics COOLSLIMMING™ treatment have noticeable fat bulges that are stubborn to move. Our non-surgical, non-invasive Cool Slimming fat reduction procedure is precisely designed for people with unwanted fat that has resisted exercise and diet. It’s important to note that unlike gastric bypass surgery, the Cool Slimming procedure is not a weight loss solution for people who are obese. COOLSLIMMING is a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction surgery. To determine if our Cool Slimming procedure is right for you, book a private consultation with our highly trained, friendly skin therapists

Because every person’s physiology is different, the rate at which fat cells are dissolved and naturally metabolised will vary. Many  patients see initial results during the first 4 – 8 weeks after treatment, with optimal results seen 8-12 weeks after your COOLSLIMMING™ treatment. Studies and clinical have shown an average loss of 2-3 cm or 27% in the treated area.

The fat cells that have been a target during your treatment will be naturally metabolised and removed from your body via its waste systems.

Your treatment time will depend on the number of treatment areas we focus on. Most patients treatment takes between 45-60 minutes.

While COOLSLIMMING™ treatment is suitable for women and men who have stubborn areas of fat, it’s not ideal for everyone. COOLSLIMMING is not suitable if you:

  • Are pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Have large amounts of fat to lose
  • Have got severe diabetes
  • Suffer from liver problems or renal insufficiency
  • Have Injuries, scarring or streaking in the area for treatment
  • Have Raynaud’s disease, Crioglobulinemia or Hypoproteinemia
  • Are susceptible to hives due to intensive exposure to cold
  • Have a fever or an active infection
  • Are struggling with dermatitis, eczema, pimples
  • Have varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis
  • Are dealing with cancer, AIDS or hepatitis

At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics, we suggest for optimal results that you have one session every 30 days per treatment area.

Everybody’s physiology is different and will respond differently to CoolSlimming treatment. Our highly trained and experienced skin therapists will create an individual treatment plan that’s tailored for your specific goals. The length of time your COOLSLIMMING sessions are will depend on the number of areas you’re having treated during one visit. To ensure your treatment goals are met, we may need to schedule more than one treatment session.

During the first few minutes of your COOLSLIMMING™ treatment, you’ll feel slight pressure and coldness. This dissipates quickly with most patients choosing to play on their phone, work on their laptop or even have a snooze during their Cool Slimming treatment.

During treatment, some people experience feelings of numbness, pinching, tugging or pulling, which be uncomfortable for some patients. After your treatment, typical side effects include:

  • Redness and swelling
  • Bruising
  • Temporarynumbness
  • Tingling or stinging feeling

Most patients who have COOLSLIMMING™ treatment typically return to normal activities immediately. Some patients have their treatment during lunch break and return to work after their Cool Slimming session.

Let’s transform your skin.

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