Cosmelan FAQ

Cosmelan acts in a non-cytotoxic manner, inhibiting both the production and the transfer of melanin pigments. It produces a superficial chemexfoliation, thereby allowing attenuation and/or removal of more or less deep superficial hyperpigmentations.

Symptoms may vary between individuals; nevertheless, a slight itching or stinging sensation and tightness can be felt.


Although symptoms vary between individuals, there is usually a slight desquamation, together with some itching, stinging and tightness.


Besides being a necessary requirement in order to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, the continuous use of a high-filter sunscreen is essential when facing light exposure or any nature, since both natural and artificial light can stimulate melanin synthesis.

If you think you will be exposed to the sun for extended periods you will need to continue to apply appropriate sunscreen.

During the first week post-treatment, it is advisable to avoid the following activities: swimming in pools, sauna, exposure to direct heat sources, outdoor sports.

It is recommended to continue the use of home care for at least 4 months, which may be extended up to 9 months depending on the progression of each individual case.

One month after having applied the cosmelan 2 mask, we can usually see an improvement of hyperpigmentation and the disappearance of the most superficial ones, besides an evident improvement in the skin, with unification of skin tone.

In order to prolong the associated benefits of skin embellishment, cosmelan 2 is often indefinitely maintained as an antiaging treatment with longer intervals between applications.

Some medications can have photosensitising effects on the skin; nutritional supplements contain ingredients that may interfere with the melanin synthesis metabolism.

The regular intake of both is to be considered when predicting the efficiency of any depigmentating treatment.

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