Laser Facial FAQ

What is a laser facial?

Laser facial is a treatment that uses a longer wavelength of light (1064nm) to safely and effectively treat deeper layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis.

What can laser facial treat?

Laser facial can help improve:

How many laser facial treatments will I need?

Depending on your skin concern, you may need an average of 4-10 treatments performed every 2-6 weeks. A refresher course may be performed every 1-3 months to maintain results.

What do I do after a laser facial treatment?

After a laser facial treatment, you must ensure you use an SPF 30+ and avoid any excessive heat or sweating. After approximately 24-48 hours the use of active cosmeceutical products is recommend to ensure maximum results.

What are the side effects of a laser facial treatment?

The beauty with this revolutionary new treatment is the very little ‘down time’ post treatment. Most clients experience very mild redness that lasts a few hours. In some cases when treating deeper pigmentation, the skin may appear slightly darker for up to 7 days and due to the deeper penetration of light and breakdown of congestion, clients may also experience a mild break out up to 1 week after a laser facial treatment.

I have dark skin, am I a suitable candidate for laser facial?

Whilst the Q-Switched Yag laser is suitable for most skin types including dark skin types, it is always best to confirm suitability by attending a complimentary and no obligation consultation where we can assess your skin and determine suitability.

Does a laser facial hurt?

Laser facial is a remarkable pain free treatment. Most clients describe the feeling as a very slight warm tingling sensation to the area or a mild flushing of the skin which can last up to a few hours.

How long does a laser facial treatment take?

A laser facial treatment can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes or up to 30 minutes depending on the surface area being treated. We may spot treat problematic areas or do an entire section in one sitting.

What is the difference between a laser facial and a standard facial you get at your beauty clinic?

With a regular facial at your local beauty clinic there are what we affectionately like to call “fluffy benefits.” Regular facials can leave you feeling calm, relaxed and pampered without really seeing dramatic improvements to your skin concerns. With laser facial treatment however you will notice your skin looking and feeling much smoother, softer and fresher compared to having any other standard facial treatment.

At VC Dermal Clinics we recommend Laser Facial treatments be performed every 2-6 weeks, again depending on which skin concern you wish to address and your individual skin type. To book in your complementary initial consultation, please use the contact us page to get in touch. We are waiting to transform your skin with this revolutionary new treatment!

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