Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

The Q-Switched laser works at effectively removing unwanted tattoos by delivering specific wavelengths of light at ultra fast repetition rates to the target area. Once this light enters the deeper layers of the skin, it penetrates and breaks down the colour of the ink in the tattoo. These shattered tiny particles of ink are then able to be absorbed by the body and eliminated by the immune system through natural processes.

The number of treatments required to removal a tattoo on average is between 8-15 treatments. Factors such as colour, type of ink used and the location of the tattoo will determine how many treatments are required.

  • Whitening of the tattoo (blanching)
  • Redness and slight swelling
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Blistering
  • Pinpoint bleeding
  • Scabbing

At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics we use the latest medical grade technology and many different wavelengths which means we are able to treat most colours. Colours like green and purple tattoos for example can be the most difficult to remove.

One hour prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area. This will minimise any discomfort during the treatment. Most clients describe the feeling as a hot elastic band being flicked onto the skin. We do also use a thermal cooling device to apply cold air to the skin to maximise patient comfort.

Prior to your laser tattoo treatment, it is important to keep out of the sun for a minimum of 4 weeks. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, reduce/stop smoking and drinking alcohol; We want to ensure that the immune system is not overly taxed during this time as the body needs to break down and absorb the ink particles. The healthier you are, the more effective this process will be.

For a period of 24-48 hours after your treatment you must apply bepanthen cream and a soothing agent such as “ASAP Soothing gel . A non stick dressing is applied and is to be kept on the area for the first 24-48 hours and may be removed if no scabbing or blistering is present. It is important that you do not pick at any crusting that may form on the area and apply an SPF 30+ daily to areas exposed to sun. You must avoid any excessive sweating and heat to the area (i.e hot showers, saunas, spas excessive exercise etc). Drink plenty of water and reduce/stop smoking and drinking as this will assist with the elimination of ink particles.

Treatments are approximately every 6-8 weeks depending on skin type and healing time of the tattoo.

Due to skin trauma that was caused while having the tattoo itself, it is advised that a minimum of 6-12 months is required before your first laser tattoo removal treatment to prevent any adverse side effects such as scarring, post inflammatory pigmentation and allergic reactions.

Previous methods of tattoo removal included scrapping or freezing the epidermis. These methods often left severe unsightly permanent scarring. Laser tattoo removal using the Medlite C6 Q-Switched Yag is by far the safest and most effective option available. All of our staff at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics are paramedically trained and are all laser safety certified for tattoo removal.

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