What is our Phone App?

We now have our very own free phone app especially for you. You can download it from Google Play or on the App Store simply by searching for “VC Dermal Clinics.”

What can you do on the Phone App?

  • Book future appointments
  • Reschedule appointments 
  • Check your appointment history (From the date you download the app) 
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Read about our staff members
  • Track your TreatCard Points 

How do you download the phone app?

  1. Search “VC Dermal Clinics” in the app store or google play
  2. Enter your email and password

How can I change my profile information?

We are working on adding the ability to edit your profile and this will be available shortly.

How can I add a new payment card?

When you make a booking in the app on the last screen you will see the “review and confirm” screen. You can add a new card by tapping ‘change’ in the payment section and adding a new payment method.

How can I book my prepaid course?

When you have an active pre paid course. Tap the ‘Account’ tab on the bottom, right. You should see a section called ‘your course.’ From here you can view all active and used courses. Active courses will also appear at the top of your screen after you tap ‘make a booking’ on the homescreen.

How do I get the latest version of the app?

Thanks to our super cleaver developers, most of the updates will happen automatically when you open your app, however sometimes you may have to update via the app store. 

Will I get my deposit back if I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You may reschedule your appointment free of charge (outside of the 48 hour policy), however if you cancel your appointment you will forfeit your booking deposit.

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