DIY Home Rosacea Facial Pack


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As part of your DIY home Rosacea Facial pack, you’ll receive the following products:

  1. Bio Enzyme Cleanser
  2. BIO Hydrating Mineral Mask:
  3. BIO Hydra C
  4. BIO Recovery Balm


Here is a step – by step guide on how to perform this facial at home. We recommend you perform this treatment once a week before bed. (Please ensure you’re wearing an SPF of at least 15+ during when outside).

  • Bio Enzyme Cleanser: Pump out a pea size amount, apply to the face dry. Massage in, wet fingers tips with water to create slip if required for 30 seconds, Remove with water.
  • BIO Hydrating Mineral Mask: Squeeze out 10c size amount of the mask and apply liberally to the whole face. Allow to dry for 15mins. Tingling and a warming sensation is normal. Remove with water.
  • BIO Hydra C: Apply 1-2 pumps of serum over the whole face.
  • BIO Recovery Balm: Squeeze out pea size amount of the balm and apply to the whole face. Leave overnight.