Circumferential Reduction

As we age, fat deposits begin to accumulate unevenly throughout ‘problem areas’, creating a bumpy, irregular shape. The Syneron VelaShape system uses ELOS technology – a combination of bi-polar radiofrequency and optical energy (infrared heat), along with vacuum suction, and massage technologies. This combination smooths away cellulite, spreads fat evenly, and contours your body to become visibly thinner, more shapely and attractive.

Formation of cellulite
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Which areas are effectively treated for circumference reduction?

The VelaShape is effective at reducing fat deposits from all areas of the body. Cellulite appears more often in areas such as the thighs, pelvic regions, buttocks, lower limbs and abdomen. In your initial consultation with us, we will determine which areas we should target. Whether you have large or small regions to be treated, the system will leave your skin firm and toned.

How much is the reduction?

Clinical trials have reported that as much as 1 cm of circumference measures were reduced from the VelaShape treatment. Almost 90% of patients have reported a remarkable change in circumference measures post treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

All cases are different, but in our initial consultation we will assess how many treatments would produce the optimal results for you. Factors which determine how many treatments you will require include hormonal factors, the size of the treatment area, genetics, and any medications you are on. All of our treatments are performed by certified Syneron practitioners ensuring the utmost of safety and visible results even after the first treatment. In general, we recommend four to eight treatments spaced evenly apart.

Is the treatment safe?

Circumference reduction with VelaShape is a no risk, harmless procedure which uses non-invasive techniques to reduce circumference. It is effective on most parts of the body, skin types, and for all ages. No long-term clinical complications have been reported and the procedure is considered the safest option for circumference reduction worldwide.

Further, there is no pain during treatment as it is non-invasive. Most clients actually find the treatment very relaxing and it is more of a warm body massage with a relaxing and calming effect.

How long do the effects last?

Clinical studies have shown that the lasting effects from VelaShape treatment programs vary depending on each individual body type and lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle that consists of regular exercise, a well balanced and nutritious diet and adequate water intake will contribute to ensuring longer lasting results.

After you have completed your treatment program and you are happy with results, it is recommended you go onto a maintenance program in which you come in once every three months over a period of 12 months. We currently offer reduced price maintenance treatments with certain pre-paid pack options.

If you want to take action against your bulging areas and cellulite, get in touch and learn how we can help you transform your body.

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