Cold Sore Treatment

The herpes simplex virus is very common and it manifests itself in the unfortunate appearance of cold sores. More often than not these return consistently, almost always in clusters, and almost always in the very same location. Treatment methods vary, and as well as traditional treatment options, there are more modern options.


The services that Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics offers can help minimise and relieve any outbreaks of cold sores upon the skin. Treatments normally focus on the tissue around the lips and the skin in and around the face in general. Since this develops from a virus the condition can be contagious. Furthermore, there is no cure for this condition, only professional treatment that can help to soothe and calm the skin.


What Causes Cold Sores?


As previously outlined, these arise from a virus that is contagious such as chicken pox and the shingles virus. The initial contagion is often contracted during childhood, but once contracted it is with an individual for their entire life. The outbreaks can be painful and they often create an unsightly appearance on the skin.


In actual fact many people have the virus within their body but it never manifests itself visibly. For around 10% of the population however, this condition becomes a serious issue. It can only be spread via the saliva or by coming into direct contact with one of the blisters. The actual cause for this skin condition is not currently well understood, but it is known that it does come from a virus which creates cold sores on the skin, so ultimately it is simply a viral contagion for which there is no known cure.


Cold Sore Laser Treatment


In spite of there being no available cure, Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics can provide relief for this condition. The outbreaks can be minimised so they do not occur as often, and the symptoms can be alleviated to provide more comfort for the individual. Cold Laser therapy or LILT as it is also called is perfect for this as it treats the superficial layers of the skin where the cold sores often reside. It is very unlikely for damage to occur in the subcutaneous layers of skin. This cold laser light therapy provides the means to encourage skin cell regeneration and healing. This does improve the condition of a patient’s skin and even lessens the severity of outbreaks.

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