Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores: What to Do?

Anatomy of hair follicle.
Anatomy of hair follicle. Illustration by Don Bliss for the National Cancer Institute.

Microdermabrasion is one of the most effective skin treatments for correcting overly large pores in the facial skin. The results are dramatic and will change your whole appearance.

At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics, our in-house professionals have an array of technologically advanced options from which a treatment is tailored to your individual needs. Our staff will assess your condition and if microdermabrasion is not the ideal option, they may recommend chemical peels or another skin treatment.

What Causes Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are caused initially by seborrhoea which stretches the follicle wall. When your pores become larger, other skin imperfections become far more noticeable as well. Skin Needling is an advanced therapy that has been proven effective for this.

What Skin Needling can do for Enlarged Pores and Skin Imperfections

Skin Needling is preferred by many skin patients because it does not require the use of topical formulations and long term product use. In addition, because this treatment can target and improve more than one condition, it is effective for people with multiple skin issues.

Skin Needling naturally promotes the creation of collagen, which ultimately helps to restore a balance to the skin. By using the mirco-needle approach, it allows the skin’s texture to even out over time and pores become smaller and less noticeable after several treatments. The number of treatments depends upon the age of the skin and exactly how enlarged the pores are.¬†Gentle on the skin, and with little to no risk of side effects, skin needling is a great option for those who are interested in recapturing a vibrant tone and texture in their skin.

Medical grade low-intensity laser therapy (LILT) is another option for enlarged pores depending on your skin and your needs. While not as dramatic as Skin Needling, a series of LILT treatments can greatly stimulate collagen release and a rejuvenation of damaged cells. As with all of our treatments at our Endeavour Hills clinic, please be sure to discuss the many treatment options available to you with one of our qualified dermal therapists.

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