Facial Oedema (Swelling)

What Causes Swelling Of The Face?


Facial oedema, commonly known as “facial swelling” or “facial edema”, can occur for a number of reasons, but it is usually associated with some sort of injury to the lymphatic system. The symptoms create an overall swollen look on the face, but it can be more localised in some individuals. Although symptoms may vary from individual to individual, there is usually the same underlying cause.


How To Reduce Swelling On The Face?


The main goal of any treatment option is to focus on the root cause of the facial swelling. If this is due to a minor issue such as a sluggish immune response, then our therapies will definitely reduce swelling and let your inner beauty shine through.


Microdermabrasion has proven to be beneficial in reducing facial swelling. Another one of the more common treatments provided at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics is low-intensity laser therapy (LILT).


Skin Care For Oedema


Here are some skincare tips that may help reduce facial swelling:


  • Use a gentle cleanser: Look for a mild, fragrance-free cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin too aggressively, as this can aggravate swelling and inflammation.


  • Apply a cold compress: Use a cold compress, such as a chilled gel mask or a washcloth soaked in cold water, to help reduce swelling and inflammation.


  • Use a calming facial serum: Look for a facial serum that contains ingredients like green tea, chamomile, or aloe vera, which have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend LIRA PRO Bio Hydra C Serum with PSC


  • Use a lightweight moisturiser: Choose a lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser that is formulated for sensitive skin. Look for a product that is fragrance-free and contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which can help hydrate the skin without causing further inflammation.


  • Protect your skin from the sun: Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun exposure can aggravate facial swelling and inflammation.


Treatment For Facial Swelling 


At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics our registered cosmetic nurses and clinicians can perform the precise treatment necessary to treat any facial lymphoedema, which are effective in conjunction with standard medical treatments. This minimises and removes most fluid puffiness from the face and neck region in general.

Low Intensity Light Therapy (LILT)

LILT actually removes fluid under the skin so as to reduce puffiness and inflammation, improving the look and the feel of the skin. The best aspect of this safe and effective skin treatment is that it can be carried out on any general skin tone and texture. The results show dramatic improvements that are long-lasting even in situations such as post surgery, to help reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin.


While Microdermabrasion is primarily used for exfoliation, treatment includes a suction mechanism which removes dulling dead skin cells, unblocks pores, relieves clogging and congestion but this vacuum mechanism also works to improve Lymphatic Drainage. Specific gliding techniques are used and combined with vacuum pressure to increase the flow and natural detoxification of the lymphatic system aiding in systemic toxin and pathogen removal. 

When lymph flow is obstructed or slow, lymph can accumulate in the tissues, resulting in swelling, irritation or discomfort, puffiness and a dull complexion. Lymph drainage using Microdermabrasion is highly recommended for acne, congestions, and those with facial swelling or oedema. This treatment can be performed either alongside Exfoliation using the diamond coated tip, or for irritated skins, using a smooth coated tip solely used for Lymphatic drainage. With regular Microdermabrasion treatment, the symptoms of a congested lymphatic system can be dramatically reduced, improving facial oedema and the skin’s overall appearance.

If you are interested in learning more on how to improve the look and feel of your facial skin, and you have an issue with swollen facial skin, we encourage you to contact us today for your initial consultation.

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