For some people freckles are unwanted for various reasons, such as clustered freckles, an uneven distribution, or strong pigmentation difference. In these cases, there is a fast, safe, and effective way of removing or softening freckles in the skin without pain and discomfort of any kind. Improving the collagen in the skin can definitely minimise freckles, and there are a variety of ways this can be carried out.

Freckles can appear anywhere on the body, but the most common locations are:

  • Bridge of the nose
  • Cheeks
  • Back and chest
  • Upper arm region
  • Shoulders

Treatment Considerations for the Removal of Freckles

Many dermal professionals turn to laser therapy as a revolutionary means for removing or minimising the appearance of freckles upon the body. This method provides immediately visible results, and after only a few treatments freckles can completely vanish.

There is the rare possibility that mass freckling is due to the possibility of axillary freckles or even inguinal freckles that develop at birth. These are clustered together and are simply a collection of mast cells within the lower layer of skin (the dermis). Since the dermal layer is where many regenerative skin cells form, ensuring a high quality treatment is a must.

However, considering the fact that most freckling is on the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis), the majority of treatment options can be applied at this level, and quickly produce a satisfying outcome for many patients. If freckling is rampant across the face and upper body then it is practical to consider more than one session to make progressive improvements.

Popular Treatment: Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation is preferred by many patients and professional skin experts due to the fact that it is safer and far less invasive than other procedures. Furthermore, with freckling this procedure provides excellent restoration of the skin.

Much like laser therapy, this requires a low grade light which targets the pigmentation of the freckles. Skin tone can be quickly and easily balanced out, however as was mentioned previously areas of mass freckles might require more than one session. Those with lighter skin tones benefit the most from photo rejuvenation, often because blemishes are more visible against lighter tones.

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