Melasma Treatment

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a condition in which large brown patches appear on the face, typically to the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip. Patches are generally symmetrical and can last for years or be lifelong. 

What Causes Melasma? 

Melasma is typically caused due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy, natural oestrogen fluctuations, contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. It can also be affected by sun exposure and/or influenced by genetics.  

Women are much more likely than men to develop Melasma (mainly due to the hormonal component of it), and it is most commonly seen in those with olive skin types or darker. For some women, depending on the triggers, melasma may fade on its own after pregnancy or after an affected woman stops taking oral contraceptives.


How to Treat Melasma

Being a chronic skin condition, there is no current cure for Melasma. However, symptoms can be reduced with a combination of treatment and skin care. It is important to note that Melasma can be lifelong and tends to be recurring, making maintenance an essential component of upkeeping any achieved results.

Melasma is not suitable for standard Photo rejuvenation or IPL treatments, as this can in fact stimulate pigment and cause Melasma to worsen. This is due to the heat and energy used during these types of treatments, which causes too much inflammation which can trigger the formation of more pigmentation

Instead, we recommend treatments such as: 

Laser Correction Facial

Our Laser Correction Facial Treatment utilises Q-switch laser technology. The rapid speed of the laser combined with a high repetition rate causes vibration in the skin which helps to shatter deep dermal pigmentation and melasma, as well as eliminate impurities and stimulate collagen. 

The 1064 nm wavelength specifically targets the deeper layers of the skin and is highly attracted to the pigment in melasma, causing a breaking up of the deeper pigmentation without causing too much trauma or inflammation, and thus, not causing the pigmentation to worsen. Laser facials, because of the minimal inflammation and treatment depth, is a safe treatment for all skin types. 

Laser Facial treatments for Melasma are recommended in an 8-10 treatment course, performed every 2 to 4 weeks for maximum results. An in depth skin consultation with one of our paramedical therapists will determine if laser facial is suitable for you.

Chemical Peels

A series of chemical peels can significantly reduce melasma by exfoliating, encouraging skin cell turnover and helping shift the pigmented cells from the affected area. As with lasers, it is recommended to undergo light peels often rather than occasional intensive peels, as stronger peels may cause too much inflammation and stimulate the production of new pigment. 

Peels containing Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) are gentle yet a very effective treatment for ageing, sun damaged and pigmented skin. Lira Clinical peels and home care can help manage pigmentation by regulating melanocyte activity (pigment production), evening out skin tone and normalising skin function. 

A course of 6-10 treatments is recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on your skin condition.

Skin Needling 

Our skin needling treatment (collagen induction therapy) works by making use of the body’s natural healing response to overcompensate and produce more collagen, resulting in rapid healing and regeneration of damaged skin. We use Dermapen™ to create microscopic, motorised needles to create thousands of tiny, evenly spaced punctures into the skin. The micro ‘wounds’ kick-start the skin’s healing mechanisms and stimulate the production of collagen resulting in a fresher, brighter appearance.

Skin needling can have a great effect on evening skin tone, reducing pigmentation and eliminating often dark and hyperpigmented acne scarring. For optimal results, we recommend that you have a series of skin needling treatments. Our highly experienced therapists will be able to personally tailor a schedule to suit your skin goals. 

Skin Care Products for Melasma

Lira Clinical Pro-Lite Serum with PSC

The Lira Clinical Pro-Lite Serum with PSC effectively lightens and brightens skin tone with Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells, Gooseberry and Mulberry Extracts. It is an organic melanin suppressant serum to manage unwanted pigment and help with dark spot correction. 

We recommend following with your favourite Lira Clinical Hydrator or SPF. 

Bio Hydra C Serum with PSC

BIO Hydra C Serum by Lira is a universal antioxidant serum for hydration and repair. Especially designed for sensitive, melasma and rosacea affected skin. Achieve healthy refreshed skin with this essential and universal Vitamin C serum that encourages skin hydration and repair while protecting against harmful free radicals with powerful antioxidants.

Mystiq Intense C15 Booster

The Mystiq Intense C15 Booster is a powerful Vitamin C serum that is ideal for those who suffer from Melasma. It dramatically brightens with precise pigment reduction and stimulates collagen while minimising pore appearance and dark spots. Complete with Mastiha, 15% Vitamin C and Orange Plant Stem Cells. Helps with age management, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven texture and tone. 

Sunscreen- Lira Clinical Solar Shield Range 

The use of daily sunscreen is paramount when treating any form of pigmentation. The Lira Clinical Solar Shield Range – oil free with PSC, hydrating with PSC and classic tint with PSC – offers a range of options to suit different needs. The heat and energy from sun exposure is why UV is a major trigger for those suffering with Melasma, so it is recommended an SPF be worn daily to prevent and reduce symptoms.


Saint Minerals Makeup

The appearance of Melasma can cause patients to feel very self-conscious, so makeup can be vital to a Melasma sufferer’s routine. At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics Melbourne, we only stock the best of the best – Saint Minerals. Saint Minerals is a consciously created, cruelty-free, mineral make-up range, derived from highest quality, vegan friendly, no-nanotechnology minerals.

All Saint Minerals bases contain UV A+B protection from Zinc + Titanium Dioxide – essential for those wanting high-performance, multi-functional colour + skincare combined. Mineral Makeup binds together upon application, so it also gives exceptional all-day coverage but also will not penetrate into the skin causing blockages or irritation.

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