Neck Ageing

Ageing is a process that is natural and ultimately happens to everyone. From the first signs of fine wrinkles to the first strands of grey hair, how each individual develops varies. Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics has viable options that make neck ageing less noticeable, and less able to detract from one’s facial beauty.

You don’t have to accept the age lines along your neck, and you don’t have to accept sagging jowls or excess skin either. You can find options available that do not require invasive surgery. Low-intensity laser therapy is one of the more advanced choices one can use.

Along with laser therapy there is also the possibility for wrinkle injections that can improve the elasticity of the skin for up to 12 months. These are fast and effective with no known side effects. Some patients also find that chemical peels can help promote a healthier, more youthful appearance. For most patients, these treatments help improve confidence and avoid more invasive procedures that have higher costs, greater risk of side effects, and do not offer the same satisfying results.

Chemical Peels for Improving the Tone and Appearance of the Neck

The elasticity of the skin changes as we age, something that is already well known. However, we offer therapeutic options that provide outstanding results. Chemical peels reduce the signs of ageing by visibly reducing the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines. Once the elasticity of the skin is improved, an individual can look years younger. These chemical peels actually rehydrate the skin, softening it and immediately reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Furthermore, treatments such as laser therapy can encourage the renewal of collagen fibers within the skin. This can improve the skin’s elasticity and improve the tone in the skin tissue around the neck and jaw region.

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