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At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics we employ the world’s best technology for cellulite reduction and body re-shaping: the Syneron VelaShape system. This treatment is currently available exclusively at our Camberwell clinic.

This system uses a combination of bi-polar radiofrequency heat, infrared heat, suction pulses, and body massage with mechanical rollers to re-firm and re-shape problem areas. This combination has been clinically proven to result in an improvement in almost 90% of patients. It is thus considered the gold standard among medical grade cellulite treatment procedures.
Syneron Velashape

Are there any side effects?

The VelaShape system uses only non-invasive techniques. There are no reports of any harm due to the treatment procedure to date, and it has been used all over the world for years. Numerous medical trials have reported no side effects and the Syneron VelaShape is the only cellulite reduction device to have approval from both the FDA in the USA and the TGA in Australia. The process is completely painless and unbelievably effective at smoothing away cellulite.

Tighten your skin and eliminate your cellulite

We use the world’s best technology for cellulite reduction: the Syneron VelaShape system. If you want to learn more about how it can drastically smooth away your cellulite, get in touch with us for a consultation at our Camberwell clinic with one of our certified therapists.

You can find our Camberwell clinic in the shops on Burke Rd near Prospect Hill Rd in the heart of Camberwell. Use the booking form below to arrange a consultation.


  • Pay as you go Starting from $299 / per treatment area
  • Pre-pay 6 Starting from $249 / per treatment area
  • Pre-pay 10 Starting from $199 / per treatment area
  • Maintenance Starting from $149 / per treatment area
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