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Are you fed up with the cellulite on your body?

Do you avoid wearing your favourite clothes because of the dimples and lumps of cellulite on your belly, arms, buttocks or legs?

Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics use the world’s best non-surgical technology for cellulite reduction and body re-shaping – the Syneron VelaShape system.This simple, non-surgical, completely pain-free cellulite treatment is comfortable with no downtime required and can be performed during your lunch hour. Our cellulite treatment time depends on the treatment area selected and varies between 15-60 minutes.

Our state of the art, non-surgical cellulite treatment uses a combination of:

  • Bi-polar radiofrequency heat
  • Infrared heat
  • Suction pulses and
  • Body massage with mechanical rollers to firm and shape your problem areas.

For our female clients, cellulite is one of their biggest concerns, especially after childbirth. Our therapists know how (sometimes first-hand) how cellulite restricts what they wear, particularly in the summer months. Say goodbye to lumpy, dimpled cellulite skin and say hello to smooth, healthy, youthful looking skin. Victorian Cosmetic Dermal clinics offer safe and effective cellulite reduction treatment using FDA approved, industry leading VelaShape III.

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Cellulite is a multi-faceted condition that’s caused by various hormonal and physiological factors. Many myths are surrounding the reasons why cellulite develops, but it’s not only present in overweight people. Cellulite settles in the upper layers of skin, so if you lose weight cellulite won’t always disappear. It’s believed that cellulite is related to hormones, genetics and physical activity. Some men get cellulite, but it affects more women. It’s estimated that 80-90% of women will experience cellulite during their lives as a result of the different distributions of connective tissue, fat and muscle.


Cellulite is classified into three stages that depend on the grade of it.

Stage 1 cellulite has no visible dimpling, until you pinch the skin.

Stage 2 cellulite has visible cellulite when you stand, without pinching the skin.

Stage 3 cellulite involves your skin dimpling, regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting down.


When most people notice they’ve got cellulite, the first thing they do is to increase their exercise and improve their diet to lose weight. These measures can help reduce the appearance of cellulite due to improved circulation through exercise and a reduction in your body fat. But if you’re not overweight and cellulite still exists as a stage 2 or stage 3 a more specific treatment may be needed.

It doesn’t matter what stage of cellulite you have on your body. VC Dermal Clinics non-surgical cellulite treatment can help. Using an FDA approved device that utilises four different technologies in one, we can smooth out your lumps and bumps. Our Syneron VelaShape system works to eliminate your cellulite by using:

  • Mechanised tissue manipulation to give deep massage and increase your circulation
  • Bi-polar radio frequency to focus on the dermal layer of your skin
  • Infra-red heating to improve the effectiveness of bi-polar radio frequency
  • Vacuum technology that pulls your skin into the applicator to improve your circulation by using radio frequency.


The VelaShape non-invasive cellulite reduction system pioneered body contouring and cellulite reduction by using radio frequencies. In 2002 VelaShape became the first non-invasive cellulite reduction procedure to receive clearance from the FDA. This safe and effective non-surgical cellulite is used extensively throughout the world with an estimated 10,000 VelaShape procedures performed each day. With more than 40 clinical studies, VelaShape technology has been studied extensively with an estimated 5 million people across the world to have already benefited from this cellulite treatment.

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We use the gold standard medical grade Syneron VelaShape system to treat your cellulite. Since 2005 this comfortable, non-invasive therapeutic cellulite technology has been effectively reducing our patient’s cellulite. Syneron VelaShape combines four modes of action, including vacuum, heat, massage, and radio frequency (RF) energy to remodel and shape the appearance of cellulite.

The treatment program is designed to improve body shapes and remove unwanted fat from areas such as face, neck, double chins, upper arms, abdomen, love handles, thighs (inner and outer), buttocks and back fat. One of the major benefits over surgical procedures is that your body generates its own collagen, during and after the treatment for many months to come.

This collagenesis tightens your skin and connective tissue, whilst increasing microcirculation and assisting with lymphatic drainage and is why it is also fantastic for cellulite. Our Cellulite Reduction treatment is not a substitute for dieting and exercising, and it is not a weight loss procedure. It is extremely effective in removing fat and cellulite in areas that just do not respond to traditional weight reduction methods.

Our highly trained and experienced therapists use the handheld roller over treatment areas, including:

  • Buttocks
  • Chin
  • Loose skin above knees
  • Love handles
  • Saddlebags
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms and sides of arms

Instant Results, No Downtime

After just one non-surgical cellulite treatment, you’ll observe an improvement in the tone and texture your treatment area with results improving after subsequent treatments. Start wearing the clothes you love and stop feeling ashamed of your body. With affordable treatment plans starting at only $199 per body area, you can finally get the body shape you deserve. Book your non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment today

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