Are you fed up with your face looking older than you feel?

Would you like healthy, younger looking skin but don’t like the idea of cosmetic injections?

Skin needling is a non-surgical skin treatment that stimulates collagen and skin renewal

Skin needling is a skin treatment, which has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and dramatic results. Also known as “collagen induction therapy” (CIT), skin needling uses the body’s natural healing response to overcompensate and produce more collagen, resulting in rapid healing and regeneration of damaged skin. Skin needling is a safe and effective treatment for retaining youth and treating acne scars and surgery scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. It can be used safely and effectively on your face, neck, abdomen and chest.

For optimal results, Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics recommend that you have a series of skin needling treatments. To continue seeing the effects of your skin needling treatment, our highly experienced and trained therapists can personally tailor other facial treatments while also recommending the best skincare to use.

What is skin needling?

Skin needling (also called fractional needling, micro-needling or collagen induction therapy) stimulates your body’s natural growth of elastin and collagen. Our highly trained and experienced therapists use the Derma Pen 4 skin needling device. The microtrauma prompts your body to respond and produce more collagen and elastin. Skin needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that is renowned for its dramatic results.

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How does skin needling work?

Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics skin needling treatment uses the derma pen 4 medical device that can penetrate your dermal layer by up to 2.0 mm. Our skin needling (Derma Pen) treatment can be used in conjunction with a cosmeceutical product infusion, which gives you faster and higher absorption of these antioxidant ingredients. This results in an even more noticeable healing response where your skin’s surface attains a natural youthful glow. After your skin needling treatment, the active ingredients in your skincare products will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin, giving you better results.

What are the benefits of skin needling?

Using the Dermapen™, our highly trained and experienced therapists get results that are similar to, if not better than fractional laser treatment – all without the risk or hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. The Dermapen is considered to be the gold standard in skin needling technology due to its medical-grade micro-needles that gently flow over your skin to encourage collagen growth.

With no downtime required, the key benefits of skin needling treatments include:

  • Facial rejuvenation and regeneration of your natural collagen
  • Reduced skin imperfections
  • Improved skin tone
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healing of scars and stretch marks

After a skin needling treatment, your skin’s rejuvenation function gets activated to significantly reduce uneven skin tone and blemishes caused by pigmentation, acne or trauma. While your skin heals, it produces collagen to form a new layer of fresh tissue. This natural healing process results in your skin becoming more youthful looking.

What can I expect from my skin needling treatment?

Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics skin needling treatments can treat various skin concerns, including:

  • Loss of skin plumpness and elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkle
  • Acne scarring
  • Hypopigmentation (Vitiligo)

While the face is the most common area to treat with skin needling, our highly trained and experienced therapists can also treat your chest, back, neck and backs of hands. We can also treat scarring or stretch marks.

If you want to learn more, read the skin needling FAQ. Otherwise, if you would like to know more about how skin needling could help you with any of the above conditions, please contact us and one of our skin care professionals will be in touch.

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