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Our safe, non-invasive skin pigmentation treatment will smooth, re-texture and clarify your skin.


Pigmentation is a common skin condition, where your skin has areas or patches of skin that turn a darker colour. It is caused when your skin surface has too much melanin or pigment. While it’s usually a harmless condition, skin pigmentation can make your face look older than having fine lines and wrinkles does.

Skin pigmentation can affect all skin colours and types and includes freckles, sun spots (also called liver spots or age spots), sun damage, melasma and chloasma.


Melasma: Melasma is a type of skin pigmentation that’s caused by the hormonal changes that develop during pregnancy. It can appear on any area of the body with the most common areas being the face and stomach. Melasma can also develop as a result of female contraception and sun exposure.

Chloasma: Sometimes called “the mask of pregnancy”, chloasma is a pregnancy side effect where an overproduction of melanin results in dark patches of skin appearing on the face or abdomen.

Freckles: Freckles are a common hereditary type of skin pigmentation. Some people develop freckles as they age, while others develop freckles from a young age after sun exposure.

Sun spots: Sunspots are a common type of skin pigmentation that is related to excessive sun exposure over. The backs of your hands and face are the most common areas affected by this type of skin pigmentation.


One of the best ways to prevent skin pigmentation occurring is to apply a high SPF sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB sun rays throughout the year. When melanin absorbs UV rays from sun exposure, it protects your skin by becoming darker. If you already have skin pigmentation, these areas will become darker.

The 3 part journey to treating your Pigmentation

1. Skin Analysis
2. Product Prescription
3. Treatment Plan

Are you ready to have the confidence to achieve everything you’ve always wanted?

We will guide you every step of the way and tell you everything you need to know to control your pigmentation. Begin your journey to achieving the results you’ve always wanted – all without false hopes, bad advice, or worst of all: wasting money on treatments with no improvement!


Skin Analysis

During your skin analysis a thorough cleanse and ultraviolet (UV) lamp assessment is performed on your skin. This gives you and your therapist a clear understanding of which underlying skin conditions are present as well as the current state of your skin whether it be dehydrated, oily, or impaired.

Product Prescription

The use of cosmeceutical grade skin care is essential in delivering you the best possible results. The challenge is knowing which combination of products is going to be right for your skin type and condition. This is where our experienced therapists will detail a product prescription outlining everything you need to know to continue with your home care routine.

Treatment Plan

To bring all this together, a recommended treatment plan is advised and tailored to your goals and current skin condition. Our therapists have a vast choice of medical lasers and evidence-based skin treatments to help deliver the very best results and outcomes for you.

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Our comprehensive skin analysis, prescription, and treatment plan will set you up with everything you need to know about controlling and treating your pigmentation.

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