Facials for Men

Your face is on display 24/7, so it’s no wonder you want it looking its best. Constant exposure to the elements (not to mention the normal effects of aging) can make this task seem an uphill battle, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel. At VC Dermal Clinics, we offer a range of customised facials for men that go far beyond the capabilities of your bathroom cabinet moisturisers. Whether you’re after a solution to unwanted acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores or broken capillaries, we’ve got the expertise and the experience.

What does the overall process look like?

First you need to book your 40-minute consultation, during which we’ll have an in-depth discussion about you, your main concerns and what you’d like to achieve. Our aim is to develop a treatment plan and product prescription that suits your lifestyle.

How often are the treatments?

It depends on your treatment plan. It may be that you need to come in once a fortnight or once a month. The frequency is contingent on getting results while fitting in with your lifestyle.

Am I going to have to use heaps of products at home?

As we’ve mentioned, there is no part of your body that’s more exposed to the elements than your face. Taking proper care of it is a journey that will require some home care. The complexity of your individual home care routine depends on your skin concerns and what you’d like to achieve.

If you’ve never used home care in the past, we’ll usually start you on the CORE FOUR, which involves a cleanser, sunscreen, moisturiser and serum (specific to your skin type and concerns).

The great thing about offering Lira clinical skincare products is their complexity and ingredients – they often do so much of the heavy lifting.

What will I look like after the treatments?

It depends on the treatment we perform. Some treatments will leave your skin looking refreshed, while other treatments (such as laser treatments) may leave you looking a little sunburnt. We’ll always let you know prior to any treatment.

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