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At VC Dermal, we believe everyone deserves beautiful skin. When you visit our clinic, our friendly staff will work closely with you to determine your goals, then use our vast skincare knowledge and the latest medical technology to make it a reality. By using the highest quality products, technology and spending more time with our clients, we can delivery the best possible service.

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Victorian Cosmetics is a dermal clinic located in Berwick and Camberwell. We provide skin treatments, laser hair removal and Cool Slimming to all genders and body types, in a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you know exactly what you need or you're not sure and you'd like some advice, our experienced staff are here to help.

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Rated 4.9 stars by 330+ clients.

I have had multiple treatments at VC Dermal Clinic in Camberwell over a few years, laser facials, peels & skin needling treatments. I am very happy with the rejuvenating effects and will continue with the recommended treatment regime. The therapists are very professional and knowledgeable & explain everything thoroughly. I have some sun damage which has really improved and I did not have any redness or breakouts following treatment. I highly recommend their services & will continue to be a repeat customer.
Maree C.
I have started my skin care journey with VC dermal and the girls at berwick are amazing. Georgie has been taking care of me, she explained the procedure so that I understood what I was in for, and about the expected results. I am so happy that I found this clinic, I will be coming here for any future treatments that I may require. -Stacey
I was extremely lucky to get treated by Danielle today. Danielle ensured I was comfortable throughout the treatment; she listened to my concerns and left my skin very glowy and luminous. The massage during the LED was beyond amazing!! I’m super excited for my next appointment! Thank you so much Danielle!
Monica S.
Visited Alessandra and she was very knowledgeable, very clear, very professional and overall just great! This clinic is definitely recommended if you're visiting for medical reasons as they seem to have quite a bit of experience with medical matters.Highly recommend the clinic (and highly recommend Alessandra)
Adam B.
Alessandra ❤️is an excellent consultant. She makes me feel so comfortable and clear my all doubt. As am not familiar with the language she clear my doubt explaining me again and again 🙈 and won my heart. My experience was amazing. I really recommend this place for laser done.❤️❤️
Soni S
The team always treats me with respect and honesty. They have a great grasp of services and products you offer. I will be returning for follow up treatment with in a few weeks.I have got some great results from the few treatments i have received already and will be referring others in the same situation as me to contact Derma Clinic.
Complete Fire and R.
The staff members are all very friendly, and very professional... Thank you to my therapist Danielle who answered the many questions I had.. And for the guidance she provides in my journey of self love nd care...
felicity M.
The girls at the front desk were very accomodating & friendly upon my arrival.Tamara was very thorough, patient and professional in explaining to me the process and after care procedures. She made me feel very comfortable as a first timer, and I will be looking forward to our next few sessions. At the moment, it is too early to tell what results I will get, but fingers crossed for the next few procedures that I will be happy with the end result. Many thanks 🙏🏼-Peter-
Chester P.
Great experience. The team knows what they are doing. For my session Alessandra knew everything about the process and was very friendly and communicated well. I really like the friendliness and thorough understanding of the process. Looking forward for the next session.
Abhilash S.
I had significant concerns and reservations about laser hair removal, particularly on darker skin. The team at VC Dermal spent time answering my questions, explaining the process (down to the nitty gritty scientific detail), discussed risks and eventually convinced me to go ahead. My regret is only that I didn’t do it sooner! They’re always punctual, the room is clean and therapists are professional. Highly recommend!
Sumitra T.
I never considered getting laser treatment although I was referred by a good friend of mine to speak with Alessandra at VC Dermal in Camberwell. Alessandra was really helpful, I have done two sessions and can already see the results. I wouldn’t get laser treatment anywhere else except here!
Adi R.
Thank you everyone at VC Dermals,,, all staff is so lovely and very kind. I specially want to thank Madalyn she is so so lovely and amazing. I feel very comfortable with her while taking my treatment. She explains everything so well and asks how i feel in between the treatment as well. I really cant thank her enough: she gave me the opportunity to try out this treatment and i am so satisfy with my results. I am loving my journey at VC dermals!!! Thank you
suman K.
I've been putting off treating the veins on my face for almost a decade, but after 2 family recommendations, and a great sale, I finally decided to book in with Vic Dermal. The wonderful human who treated me (I'm so sorry I don't remember anyone's name the first time I meet them) was friendly, informative and very thorough. As someone with social anxiety, I felt super comfortable the whole time, the treatment itself was a lot quicker than I thought, and much less painful also.I have had instant results. Im really happy. Highly recommend 💚
Kira H.
Paddy at reception is the most Beautful and understanding lady I have met in my life. She is absolutely gorgeous and is very helpful.My experience with all the therapists there is always amazing! They are wonderful. If you going to get laser do it here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
I had a facial treatment done a few weeks ago by Krystal and it was fantastic!Krystal did a great job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole treatment, and she did a lovely job with the treatment overall. I had experienced an incredibly stressful day so to come into an environment that was calming, warm and welcoming soothed my anxieties and I came out of my treatment feeling super refreshed!The ladies at reception were very friendly and helpful as well!Thank you so much Krystal for the wonderful experience, definitely will be back again!
I always look forward to coming to the clinic for my treatments. The staff is always very kind and welcoming.Lynette is an outstanding therapist. I come to see her and love how I am treated. She is professional, gentle and knowledgeable. She always explains what's going to happen and the whys, and tries to make me feel as comfortable as possible when it's a painful treatment.Thank you Team!
Ana F.
I love coming to VC dermal! Even though it’s slightly pricer than other more generalised clinics, the homey, welcoming feel is just what you want in a place specialising in beauty! I’ve had such an incredible experience over the last year with staff committed to helping me get a good deal, advising me on what works for my body (which means not trying to sell me services that won’t work for my skin) and just genuinely being so lovely and excited to see me back every time I come in. Not to mention the incredible results I’ve had from my laser too!Special mention to Lynette from Berwick who does my laser every 8 weeks- she is an absolutely joy to be around! She made me feel so comfortable from day one and always hypes me up haha. She’s great at creating a soothing and comforting atmosphere in the room which is just what you want, and she’s also always up for a chat which I love! You’re a literal gem!
Kirsten F.
I have been seeing Madalyn for over a year now. WOW!! She comes with a wealth of knowledge and has this beautiful aura. She is professional, friendly and always willing to listen. She has met my every need, been gentle and put my mind at ease. I am so extremely happy with my laser results and the reduced hair growth as well as the fact that my hairs are so much more finer compared to my very first appointment is just phenomenal. Highly recommend her when you book. Thanks so much Madalyn :) You're just a gem!
Olanda M.
You know that feeling when someone is giving you "good advice" for what will help your skin but really it's just a sales plot to sell you stuff? My experience was EXACTLY OPPOSITE! I've never been so comfortable and intrigued in the info given to me to better my skin for good. Alessandra was super knowlegable and easy to understand, I Can't wait for the end results ☺️
Theonie K.
Lyn was absolutely amazing. She listened to my concerns without brushing them off, she took me through what the plan was, the explanation as to why she was recommending me the plan. Throughout the whole chemical peel she explained each item she was putting on my face including the ingredients. She constantly asked me if my face was feeling ok (I have contact dermatitis), if my face was tingling, etc. The knowledge and care is impressive. I didn’t feel at any point she was hard selling me products, she explained what they did and if I explained I had similar she explained how I could incorporate it in my new routine.I loved the facial and my face looks so much brighter. The ladies at reception were also equally lovely (and very bubbly!) and I can’t wait for my next session.
I get laser tattoo removal sessions done by Lynette at Berwick, and she is amazing!She always makes sure I’m comfortable by reclining my seat and giving me a pillow. She constantly checks in during my treatment to make sure I’m ok. My intention is to lighten my tattoo, and completely remove some parts of it. And she listens to how I want it done.I’ve seen videos of tattoo removal and it’s enough to scare anyone. So when I told her I’d rather the session take longer and do slow short pulses, there was no hesitation from her.Her level of care is spot on before and after treatment. I always get an ice pack before and after, plus cream and a film put on.I have recommended her and the clinic to my friends and family who are considering tattoo removal.
Natalie A.
Hi Victoria,I had my first treatment for laser hair removal. I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect.Kristal was my therapist and she put me at ease straight away, explained everything and was very comfortingduring treatment and very friendly. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and wished I had done this years ago !! Tracey
Absolutely love Lynn! She is amazing.She always takes care when doing the treatment and checks in regularly to make sure I’m ok. Having laser on my face and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Don’t know why I didn’t start it sooner.Marie
I have never had better results or service anywhere else but VC dermal clinics. The therapists are so sweet and genuine, answering any questions you may have and offering relevant treatments in concern with your individual skin needs. 100% absolutely reccommend :)
Azrielle K.
Lovely place and staff, the whole experience was great. I had laser done to my underarms and Brazilian and because they are “private” areas the stigma around getting it done is “embarrassing” but kristal went straight to work and didn’t dwell on the subject which I felt made the experience less daunting. I’m excited to see the results and to come back in 8 weeks to do it again :)
Maddison C.
Was my first time visiting VC Dermal and my first time getting laser! Narelle was absolutely amazing, so knowledgeable and lovely. She made me feel very comfortable as it was my first time and I was a little nervous. All the staff I came across today was amazing! Can’t wait to come back for my continued treatments.
yasmin E.
Great service and always very friendly staff. Every time you go there you feel very comfortable and welcome. They conduct their business in a very fair way that takes the customers needs into consideration. I’ve been to the Frankston and Berwick clinic and would certainly recommend them both!
alexandra H.
I have been a existing client, very happy from the moment I walk in the door to the moment I leave I am a happy forever client.The staff are lovely and very helpful and I’ve never in my years of attending Berwick have I been unhappy.Thanks ladies for making me feel welcome 🙏 ❤️
Eva Di B.
I have never had a bad experience at the Berwick clinic, all of the girls are so lovely and professional. Samantha in particular is amazing and always makes me feel so comfortable, and at ease when getting my laser done. I could not recommend her or the Berwick clinic more highly!! The communication is great, text message reminders and emails advising of roadworks and possible delays in traffic are so helpful.
Emma S
Today I saw Lyn, and was made me feel even more comfortable in my own skin.Talked me through each process as I'm still very new to laser removal. Also educating me and having the room as a safe space was honestly very important for me.Thankyou for being a friendly face.
Aleisha H.
Thank you Lynette for easing me back in to my laser treatment after the last couple of months . Thank you for constantly checking in to see how I was travelling through the treatment and putting me at ease.
shevanthi D.
I had my first appointment with Jayde from the Berwick clinic and it was the most amazing treatment I’ve ever had. From the initial phone call, I had lots of questions and receptionist explained everything in detail. Highly recommend VC Dermal!
Danielle B.
I am so glad we are out of lockdown and I'm back to having my four weekly visits again. Loved my session this morning with Lyn. Very impressed with her work ethic and knowledge that she was happy to inpart onto me.Thank you as always :)
Alison B.
Have been coming to VC for over 4 years and highly recommend.Narelle is incredibly knowledgable and takes a thorough and holistic approach to skin care. Beautiful clinic, products and service always.
Courtney S.
Modern and clean facilities with professional and attentive staff. I have been treated by Alessandra and Narelle - both have been thorough and informative throughout my treatments. Will definitely be back! Highly recommended for laser hair removal.
Yish C.
What a wonderful experience, from the initial phone inquiry to the time taken at my appointment to analyse and understand my skin goals. I feel very grateful and more educated about my skin. I now have some insight into what plan to start implementing to improve my skin. Thank you so much Danielle, you are very patient and caring. Kindest wishes, Lisa.
Lisa G.
I deal with Narelle and she is so caring and knowledable always keeps me up to date with what we are doing on the day.I feel very comfortable knowing she is very qualified in her field and i am very happy with my results thank you Fiona.
Fiona D.
Alessandra is an excellent consultant she makes me feel so comfortable and gives genuine advice - I don’t feel like she’s trying to sell me something she genuinely knows what would work for me and is both honest and kind. I like that I only have to come in every couple of months because I know the clinic uses a superior laser machine. Alessandra is also very knowledgeable and answers all my questions and explains very well the science behind what she’s doing and how it all works. Am a regular here and I love it!
Salma A.
Alessandra was able to tailor a treatment that suited both my skin needs and budget. I was wellInformed about the treatments I received and about any after care. After just one treatment, I can already see an improvement in my skin and can’t wait to see what several treatments will do.
Jo B.
Loving the beauty treatments VC Dermal have to offer. I’ve had a round of LED treatments and a green power peel with Alessandra to help my acne and I’m seeing great results! Alessandra is very thorough and informative and I am loving my appointments with her! Would recommend booking a consultation if you need help with your skin :)
Chloe P.
Narelle is wonderful, she makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable - even whilst having the most intimate of treatments performed. She's quick, thorough and professional and always up for a chat too.I look forward to my sessions at this clinic and a catch up with Narelle too.
Lisa M.
I've always had a positive experience at the VC Dermal clinic in Camberwell. All the staff are warm and friendly, especially Narelle who is my main therapist. I always feel a bit anxious right before my appointments or before starting any new procedures and Narelle always makes me feel at ease and supported.
Shilpa J.
Lauryn is amazing!!! She is nice, super friendly, very thorough in explaining and performing the treatments, and as well, very accommodating to my situation! Absolutely recommend Lauryn @ Camberwell ❤️
Edwina N.
Narelle is a very friendly and professional staff which makes me feel very secured and well look aftered. She always recommend me the solutions that suits me the best! A smart and caring problem solver!
Bella B.
Narelle was so beautiful to speak with. She explained everything thoroughly and in easy to understand language for someone who doesn't know dermatology terms.She was so helpful and seems extremely committed to her clients and achieving the best results for them.Am excited to work closely with her in the future!
Shannen B.
The place is always squeaky clean and everyone's lovely. Great service, great team, and professionalism at its best. Always ensure the customers are comfortable and answers to any questions you have if you're unsure how things work.
Angelina L.
Huge thank you to Lauryn and staff. I appreciate your help and efforts to allow me to have my treatment, I was really looking forward to having it and left the salon with complete and utter happiness.I look forward to seeing you again and look forward to seeing my future results.Kind regards Christine
Chrissie.19.12 P.
I highly recommend VC Dermal Clinic in Camberwell. I've had multiple facial peels and laser treatments. Narelle and Danielle are extremely professional, diligent and caring. Definatetly worth a consultation if you have any doubts or questions on a treatment, they educate you on what the processes are and really put your health first.
Hannah M.
Great experience :) staff were friendly and were able to tell me exactly what treatments I needed. Always refresing to go to a place that provides personalised services in a clean enviornment :)Would highly recommend. Thanks VC dermal Camberwell
Ria D.
I loved my experience at VC Dermal Clinic. Excellent team. The recommended exactly what I needed and the treatments worked exceptionally well for me. I’m very happy with my results so far and can’t wait to see the results after my the future treatments I have already scheduled. Thank you!
Diego P.
I have visited the clinic and was surprised at how fast and efficient the service was! I was lasered by Narelle who answered every question I had and was really helpful assisting me with the after care. I’m looking forward to visiting again soon!
Jason B.
I got laser hair removal and Narelle was really good, she had an answer for all my questions about it (being my first time I had a lot). She told me how to manage it when I got home, and I’m loving the results! Thanks a lot guys
Dalton B.
Narelle was amazing.She explained everything very clear on how to look after my skin and wrote me up a plan .While she was writing the plan up she put a face mask on me so i could relax.Great service would highley recommend it.
Leia C.
Thank you so so much for your expert care and I love the information you provide so you can make an informed choice about what will work for you to get optimum results! Narelle - you’re ten out of five stars in my book!
Ellen B.
I've been having laser hair removal treatments here and the whole process has been so informative and professional. They helped put together a good deal for me and helped me out with a two-part payment plan which was so useful. Each session has been done with care and incredible attention to detail, and I am super happy with the results so far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Emily M.
Just had my first laser hair removal experience here at this clinic. I was a little anxious at first not knowing what to expect. As soon as I was greeted by the lovely lauryn my fears and anxiety melted away. She was extremely friendly and highly professional. She explained to me in detail what to expect during and after the treatment. I felt comfortable to go ahead with the treatment. I felt no pain or discomfort at all. Not even in the slightest. I almost thought during the procedure that the laser was not working but after 2 weeks the hair did start falling out. I'm so pleased with the results of the first treatment and now I can't wait to go back for more. Can't believe I've been waxing for all these years. Thank you VCD you have a loyal customer for life.
I was so nervous about the initial idea of laser, but after speaking to Narelle and the girls at the camberwell clinic, my mind was instantly put at ease through their knowledge, expertise and consideration to my concerns. My entire experience from start to finish on my first laser treatment was amazing, everything was carefully explained to me, and every question I had, was passionately answered. I left feeling confident in all elements of aftercare. I have now had 6 successful sessions, and am so pleased with the results! Can’t recommend the girls enough! Xxx
Cheyenne S.
Amazing clinic. I had a laser facial with Narelle and the entire process was explained to me thoroughly before and during the treatment. Was so relaxing knowing I was in good hands. They provided me with heaps of info on aftercare, and the results that I had spoke for themselves. Never seen my skin look better. 110% reccommend these lovely ladies, and have sent my Mum here for her treatments as well. xx
Laura M.
It's not often I am so delighted with a business that it drives me to write a review. I've only been visiting VC Dermal for a couple of months and my experience with the professionalism and results from this business is just nothing short of amazing. I've had a laser facial targeting the broken capillaries on my face, something I've been concerned about for years but never knew there was such a painless, inexpensive and effective solution until I spoke to one for the one of the therapists. After just one treatment 90% of the broken capillaries have gone! I'll only need one more treatment to fully rid myself of these unsightly capillaries. Each treatment is $199. Honestly, I would pay three times that and done it way sooner if I knew this could have been achieved. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
CREAM Solutions - Brigitte B.
I had a fantastic experience at VC Dermal Clinic Camberwell. The results have exceeded my expectations and they are so so professional. One of the things that really stood out to me was the fact that they took the time to go through all of the information on how the treatment works and possible side effects as well as proper after care which made me feel very comfortable going in for my first laser treatment. Highly recommend!
Em R
Love the work, very professional and make me very comfortable every time I go there. Will recommend VC dermal clinic to everyone who wants to look good. A big thank you to Danielle for being so patient with me:) she is amazing.
Sapna G.

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