Lip Enhancement

As we age, not only does our skin change, but we can also develop thinning lips and even acquire dental issues which can in turn subject our lips to less than ideal changes. This impacts our appearance and can make us feel less confident about how they look to others. Because of these various issues, lip enhancement is a common cosmetic procedure to add fullness to the lips so we can recapture our youthful confidence.

When you want natural results that make others say “wow”, you need a dermal clinic that is familiar with advanced technologies that can improve your appearance. Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics provides cutting edge technology which delivers dramatic results without unwanted side effects.

Lip enhancement procedures are generally pain-free and the results are long-lasting. Most patients are pleasantly surprised with the almost immediate change in their appearance. The dermal fillers and precise lip injection treatments prescribed are all carried out by registered and experienced professionals in the field of cosmetic injections.

What to Expect With Professional Lip Enhancement

You might have heard about dermal fillers before, but might not be totally prepared for what to expect. The best aspect with this treatment lies in how you can see immediate results. Furthermore, you can expect targeted treatment that gives a lasting professional result. Dermal fillers offer:

  • Improved lip hydration
  • Improved lip definition
  • Fuller, more luscious lips
  • A safe and effective treatment that lasts up to 12 months

All lip enhancement and injectable treatments at our Endeavour Hills clinic are performed by a Cosmetic Nurse under the directorship of a Cosmetic Physician. Bookings are essential.

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